What Do People Wear in Colombia?

Most people in Colombia wear Western-style clothing. Modern dress in coastal regions include loose-fitting styles and bright prints that reflect Caribbean influences. In the Andean interior, urban professionals typically wear conservative clothes and suits with dark colors.

For business, Colombians wear formal clothes, such as white shirts, dark suits and ties. Dress is less formal in warmer regions. Women wear dresses and suits depending on the occasion. Lower-class members prefer to wear loose pants and skirts.

Colombians wear traditional clothes during national festivals such as the Carnaval de Barranquilla. The most popular national costume for women is the La Pollera Colora. This costume is composed of a round-necked blouse and a matching brightly colored skirt. The neck and knee lines have ruffles and laces, with designs ranging from floral and native prints to brightly contrasting horizontal bands. Men put on similar attires that consist of intricate headdresses, vivid capes and matching pants.

Colombians still wear the ruana for daily clothing. This is a cape and a traditional Colombian clothing that is typically worn in cooler Andean regions. It looks like a mix of a Mexican poncho and a shawl, and it is wrapped around both shoulders. Tradesmen and farmers of both genders often don ruanas made from primitive, undyed wool. In urban cities, Colombians like to wear stylish ruanas made from various fabrics and designs.