Why Do People Want to Be a Prefect?

A person may become a prefect in order to attain high status, power or wealth within a specific environment. A prefect is an administrative officer, governor, cardinal or other official of high standing who is granted authority over a particular area or land within a nation. It can be very rewarding for a person to become a prefect and serve others in the process of fulfilling an important role.

The roles and responsibilities of prefects differ depending on the realm to which one is assigned, but it is widely observed as a position of power. Being a prefect in a community has its advantages. Many consider it a privilege to be able to govern over others and make significant decisions.

Generally, prefects are appointed to a position of power by other people of status and affluence. In ancient Rome, prefects were decorated military officers that were important to the protection and development of the ancient society. Prefects also serve in the Roman Catholic Church. A prefect also can be elected within an academic setting to represent a school population or a school system. No matter where they serve, prefects are extraordinary individuals of power in a government or educational environment, and they must be model citizens.