How Do People Use Math in Everyday Life?

Jamie/CC-BY 2.0

Math is used in everyday life for scheduling, travel, cooking, shopping, medicine, construction and various other applications. It is also required for computing, meteorology and scientific studies.

Math is important for time calculations and scheduling. Knowing how long it takes to complete an activity or travel to a destination helps when planning everyday activities.

Recipes for cooking include measurements for ingredients. Math is used for defining the weight or amount of each ingredient. Using math to determine the necessary amount of an ingredient ensures that food has the desired consistency and flavor.

Financial math is an important aspect of shopping. Calculations are performed to determine a budget, or the amount of money available for spending. The prices of goods available for sale from different retailers are often compared to find the best deal.

There are a variety of uses for math in the medical field. Calculations such as heart rate and blood pressure are performed when a doctor evaluates the physical health of a person. Math is also used to develop formulas and dosages for pharmaceutical medications.

Constructing buildings depends on planning the precise measurements of a layout to ensure the best use of space. Construction measurements are also taken to identify the amounts of materials that need to be purchased for a project.