What Do People in Uganda Wear?

People in Uganda dress conservatively, with the women largely wearing long skirts and dresses and men wearing trousers. Both men and women typically wear sandals.

Although some of the bigger cities in Uganda are slightly more relaxed when it comes to women's clothing, rural areas and villages still hold to traditional rules. The local women never wear pants because it is seen as a sign of prostitution, although occasionally women in Masaka and Kampala, two of the larger cities, wear trousers. Women wear skirts and dresses that at the very least cover their thighs. They wear underskirts or slips. With the skirts, women wear shirts or blouses. Women do not wear shorts. Visitors and volunteers in Uganda are advised not to wear shorts because Ugandans consider it offensive. When visitors wear trousers, they should be loose. Leggings or short shorts are advised against. Volunteers need to ask before wearing tank tops, although they are usually accepted.

Men wear trousers and shorts, although the clothing always covers their thighs. Sometimes they wear shorter shorts, but only when they are participating in a sporting event. All types of clothing for both men and women are made with light fabrics because the items need to be hand-washed.