What Do Some People Think Are Signs of the End of the World?


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According to some people, the signs of the end of the world include the severe drought destroying trees in California, bird flu outbreak, displacement of starving sea lions, rebuilding of the Altar of the Lord in Jerusalem and microchip implants. Some people believe microchip implants signify the mark of the beast.

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As of 2015, a four-year drought has destroyed more than 12 million trees and the landscape of California. Beetle infestation and wildfires have also exacerbated the problem. The state of California has imposed restrictions on the use of water to try and conserve the limited amounts available. Bird flu has affected over 20 million birds in the United States and poses a big risk to human health as it could trigger the strain that affects humans.

In 2015, thousands of sea lions, mostly pups, appeared stranded and starved on the Southern California beaches. Scientists blamed a scarcity of natural prey forcing nursing sea lions to leave their pups behind in search of food. Other factors blamed for the phenomenon include warming waters and unusually weak winds along the West Coast.

Some people believe that the rebuilding of the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem is a fundamental element of end-time prophecies that is yet to happen. The restoration process has commenced, however, such as the recent rebuilding of the Altar of the Lord as part of the journey to fulfill the prophecy.

A Swedish company has implanted microchips on its employees in a pilot program. Scanners read the chips enabling the employees to open doors and pay for lunch by waving their hand. To some people, the chips resemble the mark of the beast.

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