Why Do People Study Law?

Dave & Les Jacobs/Cultura/Getty Images

People typically study law in order to work in a profession that requires the knowledge of the law, such as a judge, lawyer or legal aide.There are many different kinds of people who study law and even more reasons why a person chooses to study law.

The motivations and reasons behind a person’s choice to study law are personal and can be anything from helping out those who cannot afford their own lawyers as a public defendant, the opportunity to give every person a fair trial or the chance to be a part of the legal system defining and redefining laws as a judge.

This question most often comes up when a person is applying to law school or to a legal professional school. It can come up in job interviews and may be brought up by friends or family. It is important for legal professionals and future legal professionals to determine why they are interested in studying the law throughout their life.

The study of law is demanding and is often highly competitive with limited numbers of students admitted to law school. A law degree will help a person to develop an analytic mind when presented with case studies and will allow them to become skilled in researching and assimilating information as well as complex data. These skills can be valuable if the person wishes to pursue another career later in life.