How Do People Show Patriotism?

Showing patriotism revolves around devotion to one's country, or cultural attachment to one's homeland, and involves tasks as simple as waving a state's flag, wearing a representation of the flag, volunteering for civil services or enlisting in the military. Engaging in a cultural festival, such as Cinco De Mayo, is a display of patriotism for Mexicans, connecting their ancestry to a historical event in celebration.

Voting is also a display of patriotism, and it is also considered a civil duty to help maintain or change government. Activities that support active troops, political rallies and fundraising for veterans are also displays of patriotism. Patriotism is derived from nationalism, an attachment of one's identity to his country, and involves social conditioning to support a state's decisions.

The concept or identity of patriotism can be changed by government policies of the era, such as Senator Joseph McCarthy's push to root out Communists, or Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal that aimed to provide dignity and prosperity to U.S. citizens after the Great Depression. Actions that worked towards these goals were considered patriotic. The functionality of patriotism in society has often been a source of philosophical debate, and historical figures, such as Orwell, Tolstoy and Socrates, are known to have discussed its benefits and drawbacks.