What Do People Really Consider to Be Accomplishments?


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Accomplishments are any tasks, ambitions or expectations that individuals have successfully completed or met as a result of their personal motivations. They are what people aim for to gain self-gratification and sense of fulfillment.

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What Do People Really Consider to Be Accomplishments?
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Accomplishments vary between people and don't necessarily involve monetary benefits, fame and work productivity. For instance, offering random acts of kindness and helping a friend in need are some simple accomplishments that boost a person's connection with others. Persisting through a difficult challenge despite temptations of giving up and learning to accept past mistakes and shortcomings are accomplishments that boost self-esteem and build character.

In job searching, a candidate can mention his accomplishments in his resume or during interviews to demonstrate his capability as a worker. These accomplishments help convince the hiring manager that the candidate will bring positive contributions to the company if he is hired. For instance, someone applying for a new teaching position may talk about how he improved the average pass rates of his former students in standardized tests. Work-related deeds that cause positive results, such as job promotion and commendations, are notable as accomplishments.

Accomplishments, along with the process towards achieving them, lead to satisfaction. They require individual effort and expertise, both of which help a person realize his own value and gain self-respect.

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