Why Do People Pray?

People pray for the purpose of communicating with a god and thus build a relationship with that god. People pray to a god for many reasons, such as to be thankful for family and friends or to ask a favor, such as good health. Prayer is prominent in many world religions.

Prayer is typically seen as the only means that people have to talk with God. In Christianity there are many different forms of prayer, such as vocal prayer, praise and worship prayer and meditative prayer. It is very common for a short prayer to be said before sitting down to eat a meal with family and friends. Through prayer, Christians are able to gain a deeper understanding of God and the plans that he has for their lives.

On the other hand, Muslims pray to Allah. Followers of Islam are expected to pray at least five times each day. Muslims generally pray to Allah to thank him for the blessings that he gives. Most Muslims are encouraged to attend Friday prayers at a local mosque, where communal prayer takes place. Muslims who pray regularly are thought to gain good rewards for their deeds, and they receive these rewards later on.