What Do People in London Eat?

Most people in London eat a diet that consists of traditional English foods, typically emphasizing meat and starches, as well as foods from other cultures that have been made available by modern convenience, such as Indian curry.

People in London usually eat three meals per day – breakfast in the morning, a light lunch in the afternoon and a heavier dinner in the evening. Some Londoners still subscribe to a more traditional structure of mealtimes where dinner is the midday and the largest meal of the day, preceded by a morning breakfast and followed by tea, which is a lighter snack in the evening.

Breakfast in London might consist of a traditional English breakfast – eggs, bacon, sausage, bread, baked beans and mushrooms – but nowadays, it is more common for people to eat cereal, toast or porridge. Most people in London are at work or school at lunch time, so lunch is usually a packed meal of a sandwich, fruit and bag of potato chips (or crisps as they are called in England).

Evening dinner is often a heavier meal of roasted meat, potatoes and vegetables with gravy, but it is also popular for families to order a curry instead. Curry has become so entrenched in English eating habits that it has almost become tradition in itself.