How Do People Live in China?

After 1949, the Chinese government ordered the Chinese people to have large families. However, in 1970 and since then, there has been a population rule which states that each family is only allowed to have one child to decrease the population.

Before 1949, most Chinese people lived in poverty, and food production steadily grew in the following decades. Production of apartment buildings erupted in the early 1990s to provide housing to the growing population; however, many of them, since 2010, remain empty still today because the Chinese people simply can’t afford the amount of money the landlords want for rent.

The Chinese people’s income has been smaller compared to other countries since the 1950s, according to Wikipedia. There are three tiers of income for them. The first tier equal to spending 21 percent of their income, the medium tier spends 36 percent of their income, and the small tier spends 43 percent of their income.

As of 2014, there are currently 1.2 billion people living in China, which is the most populated country in the world, according to a University of Washington website. China is also the largest importer in the world as well as the second largest exporter in the world.