Why Are People Homeless?


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A person can become homeless due to complicated circumstances that force one to choose between shelter, food and other basic needs, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless. There are numerous reasons that may cause someone to become homeless, such as poverty, family and relationship breakdowns, and addictions.

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A person may become homeless if she is unable to find or keep a job and if there is a lack of affordable housing available. Some people are not able to function normally due to poor mental or physical health, which may also involve drug and alcohol abuse or other addictions such as gambling.

One may be forced to leave his home as a result of domestic violence or sexual or physical abuse. Many of the reasons that people are forced to leave their homes and become homeless are the same reasons why they remain homeless, according to the Salvation Army. As an example, the abuse of drugs and alcohol can cause and also be a result of an unstable family environment, violence and mental illness.

To end homelessness, affordable housing, jobs that pay well, support for those who are unable to work, and health care must be available and accessible, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless.

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