What Do People Eat in Afghanistan?

Afghan food has developed as a blend from the surrounding cultures. It is largely rice based, with the addition of meat and spices. Bread is served at most meals.

The Afghan people eat three types of bread: naan, obi naan and lavash, which vary in their shape and thickness. One of their most popular dishes is qabli pulao, which is steamed rice, raisins, carrots, and often includes lamb. Fruit is an important part of their food, and Afghanistan produces grapes, apricots and pomegranates, and is famous for its oranges of Jalalabad.

Other popular meals include meatballs, called Afghan kofta; kebabs; mantu, which is steamed dumplings with onion and beef; Khameerbob, a special occasion pasta dish; shorma, which is soup; and qorma, which is fried onions with meat, fruits, spices or vegetables.

The food is often eaten without silverware, using the hand and bread to scoop the food. Afghans enjoy meat, and it's hard to find a vegetarian meal. Their drinks of choice with their meal are chai tea and dugh, which is yogurt flavored with rose water and salt.

The cultures that have influenced their food include the Pashtun, Tajik, Uzbek and Indian. The Indian influence can be seen in the use of such spices as saffron, coriander and cardamom.