How Do People Dress in Chile?

Chileans dress cleanly and neatly, with men usually wearing jackets regardless of the weather and women wearing suits and dresses when conducting business; it is acceptable to show bare legs when wearing a dress in Chile. Men usually wear dark suits when attending business meetings. In general, Chileans are fond of sophisticated European styles when it comes to clothing, and women usually do not prefer clothes that are sexy or revealing.

To most Chileans, appearance is important. It is common for them to dress cleanly and neatly for all occasions. Conservative apparel is preferred.

Generally, visitors to Chile should dress formally and conservatively if visiting on business. Women should wear a business suit in blue or gray with low-heeled shoes. Men should wear gray or blue suits with conservative ties and plain white shirts. Bright clothing or clothing that attracts attention is usually frowned upon in the Chilean business sector. If jewelry is worn, keep it understated and low-key.

Dressing for dinner at a restaurant or in someone's home usually calls for elegant yet also conservative attire, with women usually wearing dresses and men wearing a suit and tie. For casual wear, shirts and jeans or pants is acceptable, although shorts are rarely worn when going out in public.