Do People Dream in Color?

people-dream-color Credit: Colin Anderson/Blend Images/Getty Images

Research has revealed that 70-80% of people dream in color. However, there exists a small percentage of people who claim that their dreams come to them in black and white.

People and places that feature in the sleeping mind are what is encountered in the wakened hours, whether dredged up from the past or obtained from the present. As what the sleeping mind brings up in rest is borrowed from real life, the fact that dreams would play out in color is reasonable.

Given this modern day fact, it is said that people in the mid-20th century generally reported dreams occurring in black and white. However, the circumstances surrounding black and white dreams is largely connected to the influence of black and white media images that were seen at that time. Today, color surrounds in numerous ways, from the everyday to entertainment outlets such as television, computers and mobile devices.