What Do People in Brazil Wear?

Traditional attire for people who live in Brazil may vary depending on the region, but for the most part, natives prefer to wear bold colors and beautifully crafted garments. Brazilian clothing tends to be comfortably made with a variety of accessories.

In Rio de Janeiro, visitors will find plenty of beaches. In fact, the area is well known for its popular beach areas. Citizens and visitors alike tend to wear brightly colored beach-style shirts and Bermuda shorts. Sunglasses are also a popular accessory.

Throughout the countryside of Brazil, the majority of the inhabitants wear clothing made from inexpensive cotton. Bombachas, straw hats, ponchos and boots are popular clothing items because they help shield the body from the sun, keeping workers coolwhile out in the fields. In the Amazon, residents like to wear face paint and decorate their bodies with beads and other jewelry.

For those who are planning a trip to Brazil, hot and humid temperatures can be expected year-round. Cotton T-shirts, shorts, jeans and polo shirts are all popular items of clothing for visitors. Walking shoes are essential for those who will be sight-seeing, and a good pair of flip-flops helps protect the feet from the hot sand on the beach.