Why Are Some People More Awkward and Clumsy Than Others?


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Some people are clumsier and more awkward than others due to a slower reaction time and mental processing speed, as well as poorer equilibrium, vision and memory. These factors are related to how the brain responds to new information and can predispose certain people to lack of coordination. People who have bad memory are much more likely to be clumsy than those with good memory, because they quickly forget physical patterns they have been shown and have trouble repeating them.

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Clumsiness can also be related to distraction. Those who cannot block out distractions or focus on multiple things at once are more likely to forget details about their environment and collide with things in their path.

People may be more clumsy at certain times during their lives, such as teenage years. Awkward teenage years can be a result of sudden growth spurts that cause the body to develop faster than the brain. This awkwardness balances out once the brain "catches up" to the body.

One way for a person to become less clumsy is to be more mindful of his or her surroundings. Giving full attention to each task can weed out distractions. Other methods for combating clumsiness include improving memory and reducing stress.

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