Why Do People Always Shake With Right Hands?

people-always-shake-right-hands Credit: Nick David/Taxi/Getty Images

People always shake with their right hands because in the older days, weapons were used primarily with the right hand as most people were right handed, so shaking with the right hand signaled that a person was weapon free. The handshaking tradition has carried on since then, and most people today shake hands whenever they meet someone new at work or in a friend setting.

The handshake is considered an art by some and is something that should be practiced and perfected. Some people shake hands roughly and with so much force that the recipient feels as though his or her hand is breaking. Others flail their hands like dead fish fins. When making a handshake, a person should look to firmly yet gently grasp the hand of the person in front of them and shake at a steady pace. One should make sure that the shake is not frenzied and that it does not involve an extreme up-and-down movement.

A handshake is a sign of trust and helps to build strong relationships. It can be used for meeting and greeting people, offering congratulations or closing business deals. In fact, handshakes are so important that a 2001 study found that prospective employers were more likely to overlook visible body piercings and tattoos than to overlook an ineffective handshake.