Why Are People Against Tattoos and Piercings?

Amanda Haddaway of CareerRealism.com explains that some people are against tattoos and piercings, especially visible ones, because they believe body modification implies irresponsibility. She further explains that some hiring managers discriminate against potential employees with tattoos and piercings because they may offend customers.

According to Haddaway, the traditional attitude toward tattoos and piercings is that they are inappropriate in professional settings like the workplace. Many companies and businesses have dress codes that forbid visible piercings and tattoos because employees are required to meet face to face with clients who may be offended by body modification. Employers often refrain from hiring people with visible body modifications to avoid driving away potential customers.

Haddaway explains that while there are laws that ban employers from discriminating based on gender, age, disability, ethnicity or pregnancy, there are no laws regarding discrimination based on body modification. Employers can legally discriminate against people with tattoos, piercings, an unnatural hair color or any other issue regarding their appearance. While many employers do not discriminate based on appearance, others often do; however, more and more people are getting tattoos and piercings, and attitudes toward body modification seem to be becoming more relaxed. Tattoos and piercings in the workplace are becoming more accepted and are on their way to being a non issue in the future.