What Do Pentecostals Believe?

Pentecostals believe that the Holy Spirit is a living manifestation that dwells within Christians. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ brings them salvation. Pentecostalism is a revivalist form of Protestantism that stresses an intimate experience with God.

Like other evangelical faiths, Pentecostals believe that the teachings of the Bible are divinely inspired and infallible. They believe baptism fosters a divine relationship with God and immerses an individual in the blessings of the Holy Spirit. Pentecostals ascribe to a doctrine guaranteeing the security of the believer, which holds that salvation remains with a person as long he has faith and repents for his sins. A person who accepts Jesus as his personal savior is "born again" and automatically becomes part of the Christian community, safe from damnation.

Speaking in tongues and healing through prayer are other attributes of this Christian movement, which strives to instill a new form of energy within the Christian faith. Pentecostals anticipate the second coming of Christ and expect God to revitalize the church while bringing spiritual rewards to believers. They also believe in heaven and hell with heaven reserved for those who have accepted God's gift of salvation and hell for those who have rejected it.