What Is the Pentecostal's Plan of Salvation?

The Apostolic Pentecostal denomination follows the plan of salvation described in the New Testament, which can be found in the Bible, partly in Ephesians 2:89-9. New Testament Salvation is described as being by "grace through faith," meaning that it is a gift from God that is given but cannot be earned through human works.

Faith is received by trusting in Jesus Christ and obeying his gospel. The story of Pentecost can be found in Acts 2:37-38 and Romans 6:1-7, 7:6, 8:2, and 10 most notably. Another aspect of Pentecostal faith is the three steps, including baptism of water and spirit and the invocation of Jesus' name, which is otherwise known as the born-again experience of John 3:3-5. These are considered to be divine works of salvation in human lives and not the other way around. Baptism of the spirit in this sense is accompanied by those who receive the spirit speaking in tongues, as in the Bible, and can be accomplished by anyone, including those who have been previously baptized in another faith. Pentecostals also teach the oneness of God, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and following a life of holiness, which includes thoughts, attitudes, behavior, wholesomeness, stewardship, language and presentation.