Are Peacock Feathers Bad Luck?


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Peacock feathers are seen as bad luck in Eastern Europe due to the fact that they were worn by the Mongol warriors who invaded those lands in the 13th century. Due to peacock feathers' multiple eyes, they are also considered to be a seer of everything, and for this reason are believed to be bad luck and are not allowed inside homes.

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In the theater, a popular superstition about peacock feathers and bad luck involves the use of the feathers in costumes, sets or props, because many catastrophic events have reportedly occurred during performances when they are present.

In India and China, however, the peacock is sacred. It is believed that the colorful plume of feathers has spiritual healing energy that brings about harmony and balance. The peacock is also a symbol of immortality, and because peacock feathers are naturally renewed annually, they symbolize renewal.

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