What Are Some Facts About Paul Wahlberg?

Paul Wahlberg is a chef, actor and brother of actor Mark and actor/musician Donnie Wahlberg. He stars in the reality TV show on A&E entitled “Wahlburgers,” which documents the family business. He also worked in miscellaneous crew positions on two movies featuring his brother Mark, including “Max Payne” and “The Happening.”

Paul is one of nine children and has always loved to cook. As a child, he was inspired by an eggplant Parmesan sandwich served to him at a friend’s house and drew inspiration from the Sunday meals he enjoyed with his family. In high school, he took a job as a caterer and, after graduation, worked in several restaurants, including the Hull, Massachusetts, restaurant Bridgeman’s, where he served as the eatery’s executive chef for 9 years before opening Alma Nova, a restaurant he named for his mother.

Together with his brothers and mother, he went on to open several restaurants. The first location of his second eatery, Wahlburgers, which is documented on the A&E show, opened in Hingham, Massachusetts, with another location opening later in Toronto, Ontario. There are also locations of the restaurant in Philadelphia and Las Vegas. Paul believes in supporting the local economy by buying fresh ingredients, including seafood fresh from local fishermen.