What Is a Past-Life Regression Test?


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A past life regression test is a series of questions designed to reveal information on a person's past life. The practitioner administering the test typically hypnotizes the subject before asking questions. However, the memories don't come from the subject's past life but from his imagination and the practitioner's suggestions.

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After the practitioner hypnotizes the subject, he starts asking questions and using the psychological technique of suggestion to reveal information on the subject's past life. Practitioners of past life regression often believe that problems in a subject's life actually come from past life issues. Therefore, the practitioner attempts to connect current problems to past life issues.

On average, people who believe in past lives are more likely to report past life memories through these tests than skeptics. Scientific examinations of these tests have found flaws in the past life memories obtained, such as historical inaccuracies. The information subjects provided about their past lives was common knowledge or vague information that couldn't be fact-checked.

Even if past life memories aren't real, the subject perceives them as real and is unable to distinguish them from real memories. This makes it difficult to reverse effects of past life regression, and in some cases, the past life memories worsen the subject's problems.

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