What Are Some Party Games for 14- and 15-Year-Old Girls and Boys?

Some party games that are appropriate for a mixed-gender party with 14- and 15-year-old teenagers include a balloon dare, a name-that-that song game and a truth game. A T-shirt keepsake can also be a great idea for the guest of honor.

In a balloon dare game, dares can be written out ahead of time, one for every guest at the party. They should be placed inside of balloons, and each guest will take a turn popping balloons. Each guest needs to take the dare or face predetermined consequences. Dares should be concocted and written by adults or parents and should not be embarrassing, inappropriate or dangerous.

In a name-that-song game, a collection of CDs can be played, and guests take turns trying to guess the song. Alternatively, a music channel can be played on TV or playlists can be made beforehand.

For a truth game, guests can write down two pieces of information about themselves on a sheet of paper. One will be a truth and the other a lie. Using deduction, other guests can try to weed out the lie.The person who has discovered the most lies wins.

Making a T-shirt keepsake for the birthday girl or boy or guest of honor to keep is a fun activity. During the party, guests decorate a white T-shirt with fabric paint or other items. After the party, the birthday boy or girl gets to keep the shirt as a keepsake.