Who Is Part of the Illuminati?

There is no official list exposing individuals who are part of the Illuminati, but some alleged celebrity members are Jay Z, Chris Brown, Eminem, Beyonce Knowles and Paris Hilton. Jim Carey, Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian also also alleged to be a part of the Illuminati society.

The Illuminati was originally composed of individuals descended from 13 elite, European bloodlines. The Astor family traces back to John Jacob Astor from Walldorf, Germany, who became the Master of the Holland Lodge No. 8 in New York City within 3 years of coming to America. Two brothers within the Bundy family held key positions in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Both were members of the Illuminati Order of the Skull and Bones. Other top names in government include Bill and Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush. The DuPont family is known for marriage between relatives, and the Freeman bloodline claims a Grand Master of the secretive Prieure de Sion in its family heritage. The Kennedy bloodline is related to the powerful Fitzpatrick family hailing from Ireland. Other Illuminati bloodlines are Li, Onassis, Rockerfeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn and Reynolds. The 13th Merovingian bloodline is also believed to have in its DNA the blood of Jesus and the seed of Satan.