How Do You Find a Free Paper Shredding Event in Your Area?

One way to find out about free local paper shredding events is to check the events section at city government websites. These events might also be advertised in local newspapers and on the local television news. Free paper shredding events are community events that are often held at central locations such as public libraries, shopping centers, police stations and large venues such as stadiums.

Free public paper shredding events are the result of a partnership between a paper shredding company and local entities. The purpose of these events is to bring awareness to the importance of warding off identity theft through shredding, and some events are used to bring awareness to other causes such as hunger. The event usually takes place on a Saturday, and is held at one or more locations. Community participants are encouraged to bring personal paper documents that include details such as name, address, bank account numbers, credit card numbers and Social Security numbers. This is the type of information that is ripe for identity theft when tossed in the trash.

Personal medical documents are okay to shred, but health professionals must be cautious about using such events to discard patient records. Medical professionals should understand that public shredding events don’t provide the necessary documentation required for HIPAA compliance. Ideal containers for holding documents to be shred include paper bags, cardboard boxes and plastic bins.