How Do You Paint a Fabric Lampshade?

In order to paint a fabric lampshade, apply spray paint, fabric paint or acrylic paint to the lampshade with the spray can or a foam brush. For a more graphic design, use a stencil or strips of tape to create interesting designs.

When working with paint, choose a well-ventilated area. Protect the workspace with cardboard, a drop cloth or newsprint.

  1. Prepare the lampshade
  2. Vacuum or dust the lampshade to remove any stray particles that might show once paint is applied. Wiping it down with a damp cloth can help with stubborn foreign particles stuck to the fabric.
  3. Apply stencils or tape
  4. Stencils and tape allow crafters to change the appearance of a lampshade without resorting to a solid color. Painter’s tape, for example, can be applied vertically or horizontally to create stripes. Decorative tape is also useful.
  5. Paint the lampshade
  6. Spray paint the lampshade based on the instructions on the can or brush fabric or acrylic paint onto the shade with a foam brush or roller. Several thin coats might be required to obtain even coverage. Put the lampshade back on the lamp and turn it on to ensure there are no missed areas. Remove any tape or stencils, then allow the shade to dry thoroughly before returning it to use.