What Does Pain on the Back Right Side Mean?

Pain on the back right side of the body can mean a kidney infection, a urinary tract infection or kidney stones, suggests MedicineNet. It can also suggest a back strain or sprain, adds Everyday Health.

Pain that occurs on the side of the back on either the right or left side is flank pain, which can be caused by problems ranging from dehydration and arthritis to spinal fractures and disk disease, explains Healthline. Sometimes, the pain is caused by the pancreas or a kidney. Someone with dehydration also experiences dizziness, lack of sweat output, extreme thirst and a rapid pulse. Inflammation and infections in the nerves and joints can also cause side pain. Arthritis, for instance, can cause soreness and stiffness in the back, but it can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and regular exercise.

If someonel experiences flank pain due to kidney problems, she needs to consult a doctor immediately, advises Healthline. A kidney infection needs immediate treatment in the form of antibiotics. With a severe infection, the person might have to get those antibiotics intravenously. Kidney stones can also require the person to be hospitalized, especially if she needs lithotripsy, a treatment that uses sound waves to break up the stones to pass through the body.