What Is a P11 Form?

"P-11" is the numerical designation for the United Nations Personal History Form. This form is a mandatory part of all applications for positions in the United Nations.

The form asks a series of questions about the applicant's background.

Basic information sought includes the applicant's name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality at birth, present nationality, sex, height, weight, marital status and permanent address. Any legal steps that have ever been taken toward changing nationality must be documented. The name, date of birth and relationship of any dependents of the applicant must also be listed.

Any disabilities that might limit an applicant's ability to travel by air must be described. The name, relationship and place of work of any relations who work for public international organizations must then be listed.

The next group of questions relates to preferences for employment placement. Applicants can list their preferred field of work and whether they would accept temporary employment of fewer than six months.

The final pages of the form thoroughly document the applicants' knowledge of languages, their educational history, membership in professional societies, significant publications, history of employment and personal references.

The form is freely available for download from the UNICEF website.