How do you do your own palm readings?


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Begin by learning how to identify the life line, the heart line, the head line and the fate line. These are the four major lines on the hand, and each one relates to different aspects of life. The hands have meanings in themselves as well.

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Reading the life line involves noting its position, length and definition. Breaks in the life line represent major changes in life, while a life line that runs shallow means that a person may be easily manipulated by others.

The heart line relates to relationships and emotions. Its position relative to other lines indicates whether a person is emotionally stable, or has gone through emotional trauma. The head line relates to more cerebral matters, such as how clearly a person thinks and how creative he is.

Finally, the fate line is concerned with destiny and self-direction. The fate line tells you whether a person is self-made or if he are controlled by destiny.

Along with the lines, the hand's overall shape can carry clues about a person. Hand shapes are divided into categories based on the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Air hands are elegant and long-fingered, and people with such hands tend to work in areas that require a lot of use of the mind.

Soft, moist water hands are associated with emotional people, while people with fire hands may be prone to acting impulsively. People with earth hands tend not to be swayed by emotion, and may ignore their own instincts.

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