What Are Some Over-the-Counter Bronchodilator Inhalers?

One of the most popular over-the-counter bronchodilator inhalers is Primatene Mist, explains Armstrong Pharmaceuticals. Another over-the-counter bronchodilater inhaler is asthmanefrin, according to Drugs.com. Bronchodilator inhalers provide temporary alleviation from asthma symptoms.

The active ingredient in asthmanefrin is racepinephrine, states Drugs.com. Inactive ingredients include ascorbic acid, citric acid and edetate disodium. It also contains water. Adults and children use this product by inhaling no more than three times every three hours. It is important not to inhale more than 12 times in 24 hours. Some symptoms of asthma that may require the use of asthmanefrin are wheezing and difficulty breathing. It is important to see a doctor if symptoms are worsening.

Primatene Mist claims to be the fastest asthma relief medication that does not require a prescription, reports Armstrong Pharmaceuticals. It claims to begin opening breathing passages and relieving symptoms within 15 seconds of an attack. People can buy Primatene mist with the mouthpiece or as a refill.

Over-the-counter asthma medications such as Primatene Mist work on the muscles around the airways, notes WebMD. These medications do not prevent asthma attacks, and they are not long term solutions. People who suffer from disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease should avoid using inhalers.