How Do You Find Out a Wheel Torque Spec?

To find out a wheel torque spec, check the vehicle’s manual, industry reference guide or the shop repair manual. Vehicle dealers can also provide an appropriate wheel torque spec.

The wheel torque spec is the amount of force needed to tighten the wheel lug nuts. It is provided by the vehicle’s manufacturer and varies from one car make and model to another. To torque the wheel lug nuts correctly, a proper tool such as a click-type torque wrench should be applied. Tools such as impact guns should be avoided because they deliver the torque in the form of torsional impacts that damage the wheel finish and hardware. The vehicle owner also needs to apply the correct torquing procedure and pattern.

To torque the lug nuts, lubricate the hardware threads to facilitate the turning of the nuts, taking care not to lubricate the hardware seats. While hardware thread lubrication clears the threads of corrosion and dirt for easy turning, lubricating the hardware seats distorts the torque readings by affecting the friction against which the torque is determined. Once the threads are lubricated, snugly screw in the lug nuts by hand, and then follow up with a click-type torque wrench, tightening the nuts to the recommended torque.