How Do You Find Out What Your Strengths Are?

Some ways to recognize your strengths include watching yourself for signs of engagement, exploring new roles, noticing what sets you apart from others, and describing your strengths creatively. Learning to identify and articulate your own strengths can help both your personal life and your career.

Recognize your strengths by recognizing when you are the most excited. Look for activities that draw your interest, challenge you and make you happy. These practices, and the engagement you draw from them, are likely related to your own strengths. If you have trouble recognizing when you are the most excited, ask a close friend or mentor when you appear the most enthusiastic.

In a similar vein, it's important to explore new roles in order to find out where your strengths truly lie. Try to break away from designated titles and experiment with different roles, whether at home or in the office. Allowing for greater flexibility can help you discover true strengths. Also try to notice what you do differently from others. Think about how you approach a situation and determine what makes your attitude or perspective unique.

Finally, attempt to articulate your strengths creatively, and avoid clichéd terms like "dedicated" or "hardworking." Instead, think about words that specifically describe your unique abilities. By devising your own descriptions, you can better recognize your strengths and apply them to your life.