How Do You Find Out What Your Native American Spirit Animal Is?


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There is no set formula, but meditation may help to deepen the connection with a spirit guide, or it can help induce a deep trance state which can, in turn, allow an individual to take advantage of any wisdom offered by their guide. It is important to note, Native American culture is not homogeneous and the various tribes have different practices related to spirit guides. For example, in the Manataka tribal culture, spirit guides present themselves in the form of animals to worthy people.

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Spirit guides help to direct people toward wise decisions and to increase their understanding of life and nature. The form the guide takes may speak to the identity and traits of the person to whom it appears, with each animal being assigned different sets of archetypal qualities. Fish represent deep thought, mammals represent community and others represent various other qualities.

A person's spirit guide cannot be chosen for them. It chooses them of its own free will. If no guide chooses a person, it is possible that person may never have a guide. In the event that no guide appears, it is advised that the individual simply accepts this eventuality and learns to live their life on their own terms without wishing for what cannot be.

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