How Do You Find Out the Meanings of Different Flower Colors?


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Find out the meanings of different flower colors by looking at florist websites or websites that specialize in symbolism. While flower color meanings are generally similar, slight differences exist depending on the source. Also, flower colors can have different meanings depending on the specific species of flower or the amount of flowers present in an arrangement.

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Red roses convey deep emotions of love, admiration or longing. A single red rose is an excellent way to symbolize romantic love. Orange roses also signify deep feelings but are more indicative of passion and energy. Yellow roses indicate feelings of friendship and caring with no romantic undertones. Lavender roses often convey enchantment and adoration. Pink roses are an elegant way to symbolize joy and gratitude. Finally, green roses symbolize harmony and fertility. Use them to convey wishes of prosperity or health.

White flowers convey a variety of meanings and emotions and are suitable for many different purposes. White flowers symbolize purity, healing, clarity and cleansing. Use them to signify spirituality or a sense of new beginnings. White flowers are also a popular choice for weddings and celebrations. A single white rose takes the symbolism a step further by implying a purity of feeling or love.

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