What Are Some Other Names and Titles for Jesus Christ?


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Some other names and titles for Jesus Christ are "Emmanuel" and "the Word." Another name for Jesus is "Lamb of God"; this name refers to Jesus' death on the cross that provided a means of salvation for mankind, according to Bibles for America.

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The book of Matthew uses the name "Emmanuel" for Jesus. The name means that God dwells with people in the world, states Bibles for America. Similarly, the book of John says that Jesus is God and that God is with people in the world. In the book of Matthew, Jesus promises to stay in man's presence until the end of time.

The book of John begins by calling Jesus "the Word." The book goes on to say that the Word was with God at the beginning of time. John later says that the Word transformed into flesh in order to live among man.

When John calls Jesus the "Lamb of God," he means that Jesus is sinless and spotless, just like a lamb offered for sacrifice in biblical times. John says that because Jesus is the Lamb of God, Jesus takes away the world's sins, says Bibles for America.

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