Do Other Faiths Have Similar Writings to Psalm 23 in the King James Version of the Bible?

The Holy Quran and the Torah contain Psalms that are similar to those in the Holy Bible, which are known as "The Psalms of David." In the Torah, there are 150 Psalms that are poems praising, beseeching, thanking or expressing an intense fear of and love for God. Written in Hebrew, the Torahic Psalms depict individuals seeking a relationship with the deity. According to, the Psalms describe growth and learning among people who were contemporaries of King David.

The Quranic Psalms are said to allow believers to properly recite their prayers directly to Allah. It is strictly forbidden to use music while reciting the words of the Quran because they are accepted as words of prayer, not words to a song, according to

The Book of Psalms provides insight into the religious life of the Hebrew people that is not evident in other Old Testament writings. However, scholars have found that, over time, the original psalms were edited and revised to yield interpretations that aligned with widely accepted values of the day.

Although it is likely that some of the Psalms were written during the time of King David, it was not until much later that they were gathered and organized in the familiar form that appears today.