How Do You Organize a Church Picnic?

Organizing a church picnic means putting several components together to create a successful event. It's necessary to determine the date and time of the picnic before organizing additional details, which can include food, notifying members, organizing volunteers and planning games.

The location of the church picnic, along with an estimated number of church members expected to attend is essential in order to get the planning started. It's wise to take into account that church members are likely to bring friends and family members to the event, so planning for enough food to accommodate all the guests is important. Organizing a church picnic also means determining whether the event will be a potluck or if the church will be providing the meal. If the picnic is a potluck, church members should know this several weeks in advance so they'll have time to prepare a dish. To ensure that church members are aware of the picnic, an announcement can be made in the church bulletin. This requires getting in touch with the church clerk to have the announcement published as soon as all the picnic details are confirmed. Once church members are aware that the picnic is taking place, volunteers can sign up to serve the food, organize games for children or clean up after the event.