What Are Some Organizations That Have Published a Guide for Catholic Voters?


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Priests for Life and EWTN Global Catholic Network have voting guides for Catholics on the organizations' websites. The Priests for Life's guide helps Catholics vote in a manner consistent with the religion's moral and ethical teachings.

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EWTN's online guide is in a question-answer format meant to instruct Catholics in a general method of candidate selection. Many of the questions center around abortion. EWTN explains that, for a Catholic, a pro-abortion stance by a candidate is a disqualifying issue, meaning that support for such an issue automatically disqualifies the candidate from Catholic support. Voters who support such a candidate become accomplices in this moral evil. Other disqualifying issues include euthanasia and assisted suicide.

The Priests for Life's voting guide specifically identifies five non-negotiable moral values that help Catholics narrow their candidate choice in any election. The list includes abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning and homosexual marriage. The guide also instructs the Catholic voter on voting in elections in which all candidates take at least one morally objectionable position. In that case, Priests for Life advise the Catholic voter to choose the candidate who does the least harm. The EWTN guide addresses this situation specifically in elections with all pro-abortion candidates; the guide recommends choosing the candidate who is most likely to limit the evils of abortion.

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