Which Organizations Offer Free Bibles for Kids?

Which Organizations Offer Free Bibles for Kids?

With the convenience of modern technology, individuals can easily access The Children's Bible on the Internet for free. Websites that provide free downloads of The Children's Bible include BibleHub.com, BibleForChildren.org, and CBN.com. Most Web-based organizations have apps and video games available for children to download on their technological devices.

BibleHub.com is a privately owned organization that provides children with access to The Children's Bible, over 15 versions of the standard Bible, free sermons and Bible study tools. The organization also provides online visitors various language options.

A U.K. charity called Bibles for Children gives free children's bibles to students in over 1,100 schools throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

When available, some local churches offer The Children's Bible to individuals for free.

Standard versions of the Holy Bible, not The Children's Bible, are often given away for free by the International Bible Society, United Bible Societies, and the American Bible Society. Other organizations that offer free Bibles to individuals include Spirit One Ministry, FreeBibles.net and Gideons International.

Bibles for children, also known as Children's Bibles, provide children with Bible stories versus traditional Bible verse translations. American children were presented with The Children's Bible, which was published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1763.