What Is an Order for Installation of a Pastor?


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An order of installation of a pastor is a special religious service to honor and inspire a new pastor of a church. The service has several purposes, including to remind the church members to follow the new pastor's leadership and to inform the pastor of her new duties and obligations.

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An order of installation pastor service includes prayer. Usually, an elder of the church offers a prayer that praises God for bringing the new pastor to the church. The order of installation service also typically includes music that is both celebratory and in keeping with the church's tradition.

A sermon then welcomes the new pastor. Usually delivered by a high-ranking member of the church, the sermon clarifies the new pastor's duties and responsibilities to the church. The sermon also includes religious teachings and scripture references.

The church leaders charge the new pastor with her responsibilities towards the church. The pastor verbally affirms her acceptance of the charges. The pastor also typically confirms her Christian commitment and that she follows the teachings of Christ.

The church leaders then turn to the congregation and inform the congregation of its obligations toward the new pastor. A congregation's responsibility towards its pastor might include following the pastor's teachings and seeing that the new pastor honors her obligations to the church. The congregation also typically promises to continue to pray for the pastor.

An order of installation service also includes a blessing of the new pastor. The pastor typically kneels and bows her head while others pray for and over the pastor. The congregants typically pray for God to protect the pastor and for the pastor to continue to live with God's joy.

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