What Options Are Available When the Keys to a Motorcycle Are Lost?

Owners who have lost the keys to their motorcycle should contact their nearest dealer with the key code and proof of ownership. Some makes, such as Suzuki, require a key tag number which is provided with the motorcycle at the time of purchase. In most cases, the dealer can provide one new key.

Losing all the keys to a motorcycle is a frustrating experience. The key provides access to more than just the ignition; the fuel tank, seat lock, fork lock and helmet lock often use the same key. Owners who bought the motorcycle new have more options available.

To get a key from the original dealer, the key code must first be located. This is usually stamped on the key, but it is also found on the lock cylinder. Some motorcycles do not have the key code stamped anywhere on the body. A few places to look include:

  • Under the gas cap
  • On the seat lock
  • On the fork lock housing

If owners cannot locate the key code number anywhere on the motorcycle, they can contact the dealer with the vehicle identification number, or VIN number, to obtain the key code. Armed with the key code and proof of ownership, owners can obtain replacement keys from the dealership.

Those who purchase a used motorcycle have fewer options. If all else fails, it is possible to ask a locksmith to examine the cylinders of the lock and cut a key. However, this may be difficult for newer motorcycles equipped with electronic security chips in the key.