Where Are the Operational Instructions for a Timex Indiglo Watch?

For a quick start with a Timex Indiglo watch, press mode to cycle through the main watch functions. Most modes use the watch buttons in the same way, and button labels are displayed on the screen. The set (done) button accepts and exits functions.

When adjusting the settings within the six main functions, the mode (next) button advances to the next setting option, start/split increases or advances the selected value, stop/reset decreases or reverses the selected value, and press set to exit the menu you are currently viewing. In general, the stop/reset button is used in place of screen tapping

The time function sets the current time and date, as well setting button beeps and screen tap sensitivity. Chrono records workout times by date, and stores data up to 150 laps. To begin the chrono function, select chrono from the main menu and tap the screen. Tap the screen again to record a lap. Press stop to pause or finish and hold stop to reset. Workout data is recorded automatically.

Recall allows you to review your chrono data. Workouts can be saved from automatic deletion by holding down the stop key while they are selected in the recall menu. The timer is used to countdown a fixed time and is activated with a screen tap. When the timer reaches zero, an alarm sounds. Interval timer, or int timer, is used in complex interval training. Up to 16 timers can be set to run consecutively and are controlled by screen tapping. The alarm function can keep up to three alarms that can be set to chime at varying days of the week.

To activate the light function, press the indiglo button.