How Do I Operate an Epson Chip Resetter?

Remove the ink cartridge from the printer, and place the small pins of the Epson chip resetter against the chip of the ink cartridge. Hold it there for approximately six seconds to reset the chip to its original “full” setting. If the resetter has an indicator light, a green light reveals that the reset was successful.

The memory chips in Epson printers are made to calculate how much ink is left in a printer and prevent use if the cartridge is nearly empty. However, this presents a problem for users who wish to refill their cartridges, as the chip does not reset automatically. Additionally, the cards often indicate that no ink is left when the cartridges are not completely empty.

Handheld Epson chip resetters are inexpensive devices equipped with internal batteries specifically made to revert these chips to their original settings. These products often cost less than $10, and universal resetters are compatible with most Epson printer cartridges. For instance, the SK168 Universal Resetter works with all cartridges except for Epson wide format cartridges.

Epson printers can also be reset using a free software solution, such as the SSC Service Utility, which is capable of resetting a variety of USB-connected Epson printers for users using Windows 2000 and Windows XP.