How Is an Opening Ceremony Speech Written?

A good opening ceremony speech is written with a structured format of body, content and closing statements. All of the parts of the speech are important since they carry a certain type of message and are best represented concisely and in a positive tone.

The first paragraph of the speech is perhaps the most important of them all. It helps the speaker to grab the attention of the audience and try to engage their interest. This can be achieved by raising a thought-provoking question or making a controversial or interesting statement. Once the members of the audience are engaged, the speech can move on seamlessly. The body is the largest part of the opening ceremony speech. During this stage, the audience needs to learn to connect with the person presenting the speech and understand every bit of the story. The best way to make the body of the speech interesting is to come up with points that are easy to internalize. The points should be organized in such a way that any points categorized together are co-related. Once that is done, the closing part should summarize the speech, provide food for thought for the listeners and then end with a final thought or emotion.