How Do You Open Your "third Eye"?

How Do You Open Your "third Eye"?

Although there are various methods of opening the third eye, one of the most effective ways is to meditate daily, using an "Om" or "Tho" chant. This technique involves relaxing the mind and the body while focusing your attention on the pineal gland and chanting "Om" or "Tho." Repeat this technique numerous times.

  1. Put the mind in a meditative state

    Breath slowly and evenly to relax your body and mind and to sink into a meditative state. This step may take around ten minutes or more. Do not rush this step to ensure you achieve complete calmness of the body and mind.

  2. Focus on the pineal gland

    Once the body and mind are completely calm, focus your attention on the sixth chakra, or the pineal gland, which is in the center of your brain. Create a mental picture of an energy or light that is coming out from the center of the forehead, slowly growing in strength and size.

  3. Cite a chant

    Once the light is growing, focus on the light and expand it while removing any blockages. Cite a chant, while doing this step to enhance concentration. One good example is the Om chant. Another is the "Tho" chant. "Th" in "Tho" has the same pronunciation of "Th" in the article "The."

  4. Repeat the meditation numerous times

    Repeat steps 1 to 3 numerous times because this could help open the third eye. Perform the same steps daily.