How Do You Open a Supra Lockbox?

To unlock a Supra lock box you need to know its four-digit code. Supra lock boxes are known for being very secure and reliable security devices. To open the lock box, clear the memory of previous numbers, enter the four-digit code for that particular Supra lock box, slide the lock down and remove the cover.

  1. Clear the memory of the lock box

    Pull the bottom slide switch toward the ground to clear the memory of the lock box. This prepares the lock box to receive a fresh combination of numbers to unlock the box.

  2. Enter the code

    The Supra lock box works with four-digit codes. To open the lock box, you need to know the code to enter into the lock box. If you know the code, enter the four digits by pressing down on each of the four number buttons on the lock box cover.

  3. Open the Supra lock box

    Pull the release button on the top of the lock box down toward the ground to release the cover of the lock box. You can then take the cover off of the lock box to reveal a key either in the box or hooked to the back of the cover.