Which Online Resources Provide Free Images of God?

Examples of online resources that provide free images characterizing God include FreeDigitalPhotos.net, Catholic-Saints.net and Dreamstime. Images related to gods of various religions are also available.

FreeDigitalPhotos.net features pictures of stained glass windows that contain depictions of God, religious temples, churches, cathedrals and gods from ancient mythology and Eastern religions. Images of gods from ancient mythology include Mercury, Hercules and Odin. Depictions of Eastern gods and other religious figures include the Buddha, Ganesh and Guan Yin. Pictures of religious carvings, statues and symbols such as the cross, praying hands and the dove are also available.

Catholic-Saints.net offers illustrations or photographs depicting Jesus Christ, who is considered a manifestation of God. The pictures of Jesus range in theme and setting. Some of the images depict Jesus teaching, speaking, healing or praying. Other illustrations or representative photos are of Jesus on the cross or with the crown of thorns. Images of Jesus as a baby, Jesus with the sacred heart, and characterizations of the Mother Mary are also featured.

Dreamstime.com features images of God-related symbols. These symbols include the cross, churches, statues and people praying. While Dreamstime.com offers a selection of free God-related images, it also provides a larger selection of religious images that are commercially licensed. The licensed photo selection includes images of gods from different religions.