What Are Some Online Bible Study Tools?

What Are Some Online Bible Study Tools?

Online Bible study tools include commentaries, concordances, dictionaries and translation tools. Several websites offer collections of Bible study tools to assist with in-depth research and sermon preparation.

Blue Letter Bible offers line-by-line translation of Bible verses into either the original Greek or Hebrew, along with references to explain the vocabulary being used. It also offers a concordance that explains connections and connecting themes between passages. The reference library also includes several articles that explain the symbolic language used throughout the Old and New Testaments and timelines of events throughout Biblical history.

Bible Gateway's tools include a topic search that helps users find all verses in the Bible about specific themes. Also available are audio recordings of the Bible and several reading plans designed to cover specific books or biblical themes.

A large collection ofcommentaries, dictionaries and original language tools is available on Study Light. Also available are tools specifically for pastors, such as an illustration archive that offers a collection of biblical stories organized by what morals or lessons they can help reinforce.

In addition to dictionaries and concordances, Bible Study Tools offers historical books and texts that help to contextualize biblical passages. Texts include doctrines from the early church and historical records from both the B.C. and A.D. periods of history.